Comfortable easy-fit clothing for Lycra blend knit and woven fabrics with instructions for professional results



Essentials Collection

OK! This is it... simply quintessential! The most amazing collection of stretch knits fabrics I have ever collected!

The fabrics were chosen based on quality, cost, width, color, texture, consistent 4-way stretch and recovery, and compatibility with CJ pattern designs and ready-to-wear favorites and trends. It is my intention to stock this collection of fabric for a long time!  You can feel confident that I will be re-ordering these fabrics as they sell out.

I chose eight styles of fabrics and each one is the best it can be in my opinion. The colors and shades are everyday classics mixed with beautiful jewel tones. The weights of the fabrics run the gamut from a lightweight hand with soft recovery to a heavyweight hand with snappy recovery and everything in-between.

Without question, using quality fabric is the beginning of a beautiful garment and these fabrics deliver! These are the fabrics found in fine ready-to-wear collections and sold in the best stores. They cut and sew beautifully, are forgiving to fit, look gorgeous and feel amazing. All the fabrics are at least 51” wide with the vast majority being 58-60” wide. The fabric width is important to consider when purchasing these fabrics. Most garments can be made with 1-2 yards. The average price for the collection fabrics is $18.00 a yard.

Fabric Care: Machine wash or hand wash using cool/warm water with fabric folded inside out. Baste/serge around uncut yardage or turn finished garment inside out. Lay flat to dry or turn inside out, and place in dryer on medium setting.  Expect zero to 2" shrinkage in length and less than 1" in width. Cut two 4" squares...wash/dry one and do nothing to the other. Compare and note. 


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Fabric Information Page: All fabrics in the Essentials Collection are listed on this sheet with the information for each in chart form. Includes fabric care, codes, names, content, type, weight, width, crosswise stretch, recovery and pricing.

Shop Essentials Fabric Categories

Rayon Jersey Cotton/LYCRA Performance Wear
Viscose Crepe Double Jersey Linings
Interlock Twist Yarn (ITY) Ponte Double Knit  


Fabric/Pattern Pairing

Many of these fabrics can easily crossover these suggested pairings depending on the personality of the garment you are creating. Oftentimes using a heavyweight knit for a typically lightweight fabric garment (or visa versa!) can create a whole new look.

Ponte Double Knits
Cotton/LYCRA 15oz.
Interlock Twist Yarn (ITY) 13oz




Yoga Pants, Leggings, Bodysuits
Pull-on Pants, Pencil Skirts
Fitted Jackets
Body Shapers
Fitted Tee Shirts

Rayon Jersey
Viscose Crepe
Interlock Twist Yarn (ITY) 11oz
Cotton/LYCRA (8.5 oz & Organic)







Pants with Drape
Flippy, A-Line, and Full Skirts
Draped and Ruched Skirts
Drapey Tops (ie. cowl neck)
Tops, Jackets and Pull-overs with ruching, gathers, flounces or ruffles

Performance Wear


Body Shapers
Exercise Wear



A Note About Recovery

Imagine holding the fabric with two hands, stretching it, then letting go.

- Snappy fabric will snap back to its shape quickly and not show any indication that it was stretched.

- Good recovery fabric will recover but not snap when released.

- Soft recovery fabrics will slowly recover its original shape with no snap at all.

The snappier the fabric the less wearing ease it will offer. So, if you are using a snappy fabric, your pattern needs to be a bit larger (around) to give more room. If the fabric has soft recovery, a garment will fit larger.
The best way to get the fit you want using knit fabrics is to:

a) Use the Perfect Sizing Worksheet to figure out the ease in the pattern, fabric and take your measurements into consideration.

b) Make a sample garment using a knit with similar recovery.

c) Choose the pattern size using your upper bust measurement and add to the side seams and pin fit the garment side seams.


Due to the limitations of the Internet, the color samples are approximate only.
To obtain swatches, please order the current Swatch Packet.
(Swatches dependent on availability)