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Wrap Cuff Add-on

Sewing Patterns

Sewing patterns for women designed for stretch knit and woven fabrics with Lycra™. Wrap dress sewing patterns, knit jacket sewing patterns, blazer sewing patterns, body shaper sewing patterns. Christine Jonson designs dress sewing patterns, tee shirt sewing patterns, skirt sewing patterns, pants sewing patterns, knit pants sewing patterns, jacket sewing patterns, blazer sewing patterns, coat sewing patterns, shirt sewing patterns, women’s sewing patterns, free sewing patterns, moto jacket sewing patterns, all designed with stretch woven and knit fabrics with Lycra.

Wrap Cuff Add-on


Wrap Cuff Add-on


This Wrap Cuff appears in our famous Christine Jonson Patterns Wrap Dress sewing pattern. If you buy the Wrap Dress pattern, you get this IN your pattern (no need to buy it again). If you don’t have the Wrap Dress pattern and want to use it on another Christine Jonson Pattern, this is the one you need!

The wrap cuff can be used on ANY Christine Jonson top or dress - using either the long or 3/4 sleeve length.

To use this pattern, print out both sheets on your home printer.
Match the center notch and tape the pieces together.
Cut 4 out of your size.
Sew the cuff’s two short and one long edge together then turn, press and edge serge or baste the open edge. Sew this open or basted edge right sides together.
Match notches and squares on the cuffs to overlap the cuff where it joins the sleeve

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