Sewing a shirred wrap top and tunic

Threads July 2013
Christine Jonson Pattern 426: Shirred Top

Our Shirred Top #426 pattern makes an appearance in the July 2013 Issue ofThreads magazine.

Lightweight Knits by Connie Crawford on page 36 recognizes that the right design and pattern can make the difference in sewing with lightweight knits such as ourRayon JerseysViscose Crepe, as well as select Cotton/Lycra fabrics.

"A polyester/Lycra-blend ITY jersey behaves beautifully in dense ruching, as on this top, as well as in other edgy details, such as draping, asymmetrical cuts, and figure-hugging silhouettes."

Try the tips in this article to make your own Shirred Top, or take a look in our Tips & How-to to try the Asymmetrical alteration to the Princess Wrap (which also comes in the #426 pattern envelope).