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Sewing Stretch Fabric (Yoga) Waistbands

Christine Jonson Patterns

Lycra blend knit fabrics make excellent waistbands that are both comfortable and figure flattering. Consider a smooth fabric waistband that can sit at the waist, hips or anywhere in between. This waistband can be folded, crushed or worn flat depending on the day’s desired effect. 

This type of waistband helps achieve a wonderfully smooth transition at the waist, which has always been an issue with an elastic waist. No casings, pins or topstitching involved. Great!

Soft-hand, jersey type LYCRA blend fabrics with at least 100% crosswise stretch and good recovery work best. A simple alteration is all that is needed to make the change to your pattern. By removing a portion of the garment and replacing it with a band the garment will still fit properly, just smoother. Depending on the desired width of the band the pattern alteration varies.

Calculating the band length is easy using the measurement information included here. The suggested patterns and fabrics work out great using this technique. 

Read over the simple instructions and then view the garment photos using this great technique. The patterns shown are all available on our website.

Download sewing stretch fabric waistbands now.