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Sleeveless Turtleneck, Cropped Pants, Oversized Cardigan Trends for Fall 2018

Ann Siegle

Streetstyle trends for fall 2018

Spending time watching people in some big California cities this summer left us feeling a bit, well, retro! 

Christine Jonson Sewing Patterns Sleeveless Turtleneck Pinterest

Shown here from Style at a Certain Age, we love the sleeveless turtleneck look for fall. 

We saw several trends in (cooler) San Francisco worth noting for fall:

  • The “Carrot” pant – wider, pleated at the top, and cropped or pegged near the (cropped) ankle were everywhere. These are sleeker than their 1990s counterparts – the leg is definitely slim from hip to hem. 
  • The sleeveless turtleneck returns! Wear it cropped at high hip with a wider shape over higher waist pants or (gasp!) tuck it into high waist jeans
  • Oversized cardigans with dropped shoulders pair nicely with the turtlenecks (so do jackets, in plaid or boucle)
  • Sporty sneakers with platform soles are perfect with the cropped pants, as are short booties

Skinny pants stil abound, the carrot shape returns, but we also saw some wide legs and some very flared legs too – in short, pick the pant style YOU want and wear that. 

The sleeveless turtleneck was fun to see again. For those of you who loved it back in the 1990s, you CAN wear it again! Try it classic, as found in Base Wear Two or make it wider at the sideseam below the bust down to the hem and crop it at high hip (but below your taller waistband pants.) Stripes were everywhere, but we also saw it in camel and black (of course!) Worn with a textured sweater knit swing cardigan (Swing Jacket) or even a collarless jacket in a sweater knit (try the Double Collar Princess Jacket with none of the collars) the cold-arms thing won’t be a problem. Whatever you do, don’t repeat the 1990s trend and match your sleeveless turtleneck with your cardigan – they should be different colors in the 2018 variation. 

If you want a wee bit more upper arm coverage, try Three Tees with the turtleneck option on the sleeveless top. It has a slight cut on cap sleeve that will work well with this look. Make it in a light haatchi sweater knit, or even a midweight sweater knit. 

Of course, there is the slight ridiculousness of being outside, in the cold, in a sleeveless turtleneck. That argument still rings true, but it makes a great layering piece under skinny-sleeved jackets or cardigans (and also allows you to layer more comfortably.) 

As for footwear, sneakers, particularly the style with the platform bottom with either Velcro or ties were everywhere. Pants were cropped above ankle (cold arms and ankles this year is trendy.) These are perfect Autum/Spring outfits – you’ll no doubt have to cover up your ankles when winter arrives by wearing booties or warmer socks.