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THREADS magazine, November 2004, page 66-69

Fabrications: One Pattern/Three Looks - Three designers create more ways to sew a pattern than the options shown on the envelope

Stylish Design Ideas for a Classic Coat

If you sew because you love unique garments, here are three examples to inspire you

by the THREADS editors
*page 66 of THREADS Issue #115


Most sewers have a grand creative streak. We just can't wait to put an individual spin on the next garment we make. That's why THREADS editors have such a good time producing this feature-we so enjoy the creativity of the designers who enhance the featured garment. Each idea presented sparks another, whethe it be for fabric, trim color, or detail, that would make the garment (or one from a similar pattern) a perfect addition to our wardrobe. Join us to take advantage of the inspiration on these pages, you can post photos of your coats on Gatherings, our discussion board,

Simple lines invite ideas

THREADS felt this coat pattern [Christine Jonson Pattern #122 Easy Coat], with its simple lines, convertible collar, and topstitchd facing outline, offers lonts of room for attitude to anyone who wants to take it a step further than the options given on the pattern envelope. We invited designers Paddye Mann, whose beautiful tailored coats are revered by her clients, Allison Page, who loves understated classic tailoring, and Donna Christopher, known for sophisticated embellishment, to show us new interpretations.

Fabric and style go hand in hand

Paddye chose wool melton to color-block the surface of a thigh-length coat, and added a dash of suede. Allison seized the current vogue for trench coats, adding epaulettes and a belting on the waist and cuffs, and chose a coated linen to sew it in. Donna mixed velvet and wool crepe with gold stamping to create a lovely evening coat. Have you other ideas? Let us know.


Style details

• Omit the collar

• Turn the facing to the right side

• Add pocket flas or make welt pockets

• Use contrasting fabric for the collar and facing

• Make it ankle length

• Make it car-coat length

• Add passementerie trim to the topstitching lines

• Cut the sleeves long enough to turn back

• Divide the pieces for color-blocking



• Leather or suede for a sharp, urban effect

• Corduroy for a sporty look

• Camel hair with a velvet collar for a Chesterfield

• Quilted silk or cotton for an arty look

• Embroidery along the collar and front edge for a pretty finish

• Lace or chiffon layered over a solid for a special occasion

• Anything waterproof for a raincoat