How to select the perfect size sewing pattern for knits AND your body using the Perfect Sizing Worksheet

The Importance of Ease and Measurements
and Presenting Christine Jonson’s “Perfect Sizing” Worksheet

“This will revolutionize sewing!” is what I keep hearing every time I present my “Perfect Sizing” Worksheet at a workshop. I am so excited to offer this formula to help you make good decisions when pairing pattern size and fabric. After years of offering my tissue pattern measurements, stretch guides and countless articles and advice on this subject I finally put it all together to come up with my “Perfect Sizing” Worksheet. It has taken years of experience and months of tweaking to get it ready. Let me explain my concept. 

The difference between your body measurements and your garment is one thing, but add the
stretch of your fabric into the equation and things change. Determining the qualities of your
fabric adds to the mix as well. Thinking about these factors independently is important but
combining them as a tool is, well, useful!

Tissue Pattern Measurements

Download the perfect sizing worksheet and instructions