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About Us

Christine Jonson Sewing Patterns designed by ready-to-wear knitwear designer Christine Jonson uses professional clothing construction techniques to help home sewers sew more professional looking garments, easily.

About Christine Jonson

I spent many years designing and producing my own label of ready-to-wear clothing for the wholesale market designing exclusively with this cotton/LYCRA knit fabric. It was this wonderful knit fabric and its qualities that allowed me to design and perfect sewing techniques that have translated to my pattern company today.


After 12 years in the wholesale market I opened a retail store in my hometown selling my own label ready-to-wear designs and offering couture dressmaking to a select few. It was a “home sewing” friend who suggested that I offer my patterns to home sewers. She knew we produced our own clothing and was intrigued that our garments did not look “home made”. She felt that women sewing at home could benefit from our production sewing techniques. Honestly, the thought never entered my mind. Sell my patterns? Well, several years later I can say it was an excellent idea! To be able to take my years of experience and translate it into a new business that brings me in touch with others that love to sew and appreciate what I do is very gratifying!

During the design and production years of my career I learned to streamline my pattern making and sewing to eliminate as many mistakes at the end of the day as possible. When there are many people sewing production garments all day long I could not end the day with a basket full of sewing mistakes and there was very little ripping out allowed. I also learned to design and size my patterns to fit a variety of body types and personalities.

My patterns are tried and trued. Every little detail has been perfected over hundreds of samples and the instructions are as clear and simple as possible. I want sewers to succeed and continue to sew and enjoy the great of satisfaction that I enjoy everyday.

I spend a lot of time teaching how to work with stretch fabrics. Not only how to handle and sew with them but how to choose your size pattern based on the stretch and recovery of the fabric. Most of my patterns also translate perfectly for woven fabrics. I teach workshops in my studio that I just love. Spending time sharing my knowledge with other sewers is great. I teach simplified fitting techniques that combine draping and flat pattern alterations that are very easy and work!

Rave Reviews

I just received this order, and I must say, you have outdone yourselves!!   This is the yummiest fabric in my stash.  The Perfect White is truly 'perfect' and the stripe fabric is even more beautiful than online. Thanks for having such wonderful fabrics!  -Cindi Arney

Hi Christine!  I just had to say that the new fabric collection is stunning!  I ordered a lot!  I hope I can get up  your way some day to take a class with you.   Thanks so much for the wonderful patterns, fabrics, and inspiration. This kind of motivates to get from planning to sewing. Like everyone else I just never seem to have enough time but I'm determined to make more time for sewing. I'm just grouchy if I don't get to sew :)
-Tammy S


I rec'd my order last night and I am BEYOND pleased with the patterns, fabric and book!  I haven't ordered fabric from you before, and despite high expectations due to your great reputation, I was still blown away by the beauty of these knits.  I just had to thank you so much for the amazing care package!
Let me also add that your wrap dress was the first garment I made completely on my serger.  The fit is amazing.  I did my standard "petite" alterations between the shoulders and from shoulder to bust before I cut it out, but I really didn't have to alter it at all to get a great fit.  It's something about the way you draft that armscythe, I think that's your secret recipe.  (Am I right??) No other dress pattern is as naturally flattering, and I've been sewing since I was 9.  I get tons of compliments on it, and I didn't even use great material on my first one!  
-Thanks for all you do - I am a big fan, Robyn W


The Perfect Sizing Worksheet

The worksheet is a huge help. I used it to set up a spreadsheet to do the calculations for me. Then I entered the measurements and % stretch for several of my favorite patterns and fabrics. Now I can quickly look at my "cheat sheet" and figure out what size to cut out. This works really well with the notes I include in my pattern storage envelopes. When I make a garment, I make notes about what size I cut out, how I altered it, and how I liked the fit. Working my notes with the perfect sizing worksheet allows me to cut out a garment in much less time. I hope this allows me to complete more garments.
-Thanks, Karen


Christine Jonson Patterns & Fabrics

I just started to use these patterns and I'm very excited about the look and fit of them. They look so professional and rtw (high end). I am a 50+ woman who can't find anything flattering to wear in the stores and always feel dumpy. I've been trying to sew other pattern companies that are too boxy or loose, straight fitting... ugh. I think these patterns are going to make the difference!
-Thanks! Bobbie K


I've just finished making two pair of your "travel pants" using the 7 oz. ITY fabric and couldn't be happier. I top-stitched the princess seaming using a 2 or 3 mm twin needle and they are just divine! I love the drape of the 7 oz. ITY and was wondering if you'd be getting in any more of this scruptuous fabric in?!
-Thanks Christine! Madeline R


I just want to say I'm so happy with the sweater knit (teal) that I just purchased and made the V-Neck shirt with (Pattern #714) and I'm just as thrilled with the fit of the pattern! I don't think I've ever had a sleeve that didn't have wrinkles in it. Can't wait to get started on the double knit.
I will surely order more from you and tell all my friends about your web site.
-Regards, Mary-Ann Q


I have discovered that it is easy and forgiving to sew with knits. With that in mind, I went on a hunt for patterns designed specifically for knits. A few years ago, in Threads magazine, there was an article showcasing Christine and her patterns. So I tried one and that led to several more purchases! These are great patterns. Very flattering and simplistic with a European flare. I called the store twice to discover that Christine actually answers the phone! I was able to discuss ideas with her and she was very excited to help me with my own design ideas. How about that for customer service in this day and age! The patterns are well worth the price. I have used several of the patterns more than once.
-Linda C


As a curvy petite sewing since age 10: 5'2", 36 dbl D, 30" waist, 40" hip: your patterns are a fitting dream come true! Length is always a challenge, but I've become an expert! Your fabrics are delish and always deliver more than my "yum, yum" expects: quality, gorgeous hand and fab color! Not much more to say than THANK YOU!
-Linda D


When Christine asked me to test her Travel Trio Three Top (#226), it was time for some serious sewing mojo. The place to find it was at my monthly rendevous in Newnan, Georgia @ Pam Howard's Sunday Sewing Class.
The fabric, black modal supplied by Christine, had been cut at home before class. The unusual shapes were intriguing. The top of the sleeves taper into a point like a witch's hat. THe front is composed of three pieces: the rectangle for the turtleneck, a yoke shaped piece, followed by the bottom section.
As my sewing buddies, Vicky and Phil, worked on their projects, they periodically check in to watch the process. As they had not seen a picture of the finished product, the gathering steps on the middle (yoke shaped piece) were a bit baffling to them. (What is she doing, they wondered? Is she making another wadder?)
The construction took less than four hours. Although I own several sergers for finishing edges, I use my Bernina for construction, even on knits. I like accuracy of a sewing machine set on a slight zigzag in order to avoid mishaps with the serger knife. The construction was easy and inserting the gathered piece was the most fun.
As we gathered around the mirror to look at the finished top, all of us were amazed. In fact, everyone was silent for a moment. The end result was a black, long-sleeve turtleneck, but it was oh-so-different. The gathered inset, just below the turtleneck was breathtaking. As it had dolman sleeves, the shoulder fit was perfect. I often need to alter shoulders, but not on this pattern.
Vicky said it best, "That's amazing, you're 100% covered and it's so sexy!!"
What a great pattern. In fact, it is now my favorite pattern.



Customer Service

Christine, thanks a bunch for talking with me the other day. I don't know why, but I knew you were the person with whom I needed to speak. :-) I do appreciate your time because I know you are so busy trying to run a business and everything else in your life and a once-in-a-while customer wanting some of your time is really not on your schedule. I just wanted you to know that I am grateful that you would give me some of your time.
-Regards, Cristine


In Studio Sample Maker

[About the Pattern Free - Ruched Skirt] Thanks Christine and Auria! I made this skirt this afternoon and will wear it to a wine tasting tonight. So perfect!