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Sewing a Princess Wrap Tunic

Christine Jonson Patterns

Princess Wrap Tunic

Alteration to Princess Wrap Top #426

by Christine Jonson


The Princess Top is one of my most loved patterns. It has been reviewed on  many times with glowing reviews! I have been asked about making a longer version and/or a dress pattern from it many times.  Auria our InStudio samplemaker came up with this wonderful asymmetrical version and wrote the instruction for it on our website. (View Asymmetrical Princess Wrap)

I used Tencel/Wool/LYCRA knit for my top. This featherweight knit is perfect for all seasons, even summer. What beautiful fabric it is to work with. Very stable and cooperative. I thought the ziz-zag topstitching gave it a nice "dressmaker" look. I raised the neckline an inch of so by brining the shoulderline closer to the neck. (Wrap Neckline Alteration [PDF])

I love the way this fabric gathers at the waistline. The underwrap is flat so there is no bunching of fabric underneath to add fullness. On the contrary, this detail is very slimming. Be sure this area has a bit of negative ease so the gathers are stretched a bit horizontally. This center panel is constructed first before being sewn to the princess seams, hold it to your body and check the fit of the gathers so you can take it in a bit before sewing it to the side seams.

I love the corner stitching here and the angle of the hem. The length is very important to the slimming/flattering line of this asymmetrical top. I made this one for myself to end at my knuckles (almost where it is on the mannequin) and the angle of the hem covers my thighs!!!! Bonus detail :)

The instructions will work great for an even longer version dress. I would add a bit more ease and a little a-line to the side seams for a dress. This version is super cute in a print and looks great with pants and skirts.