Sewing a V-Neck Tunic

V-Neck Dress

Alteration to the V-Neck Tee #714

by Christine Jonson Patterns


When I first saw this graphic print fabric I thought of Diane Von Furstenburg and was excited to make a garment with her in mind. I really like how it came out and I think she would also!

At first, I cut out the center front panel in the print fabric then thought how great it would look with a solid panel. I looked through the current collection of fabrics and decided on the turquoise (ITY1030). The weight, color and drape were a good match for the lightweight sweater knit (PRT1045). This lightweight, stable sweater knit is a dream to work with and does not stick or cling at all.

I was recently asked (thank you for the question!!) if this tee pattern would make a good dress. I had my reservations about how the center vertical panel seams would hang at dress length so I had to give it a try! I think it drapes very well by simply lengthening the pattern from the hem (not the lengthen/shorten line). To give a bit of extra hip and hem width I added a few inches of a-line on each side seam.

 I love the simplicity of this neckline construction. It could not be easier or more fun to realize for the first time how it sews together! I lowered the V  1.5 inch for a more summery effect. This is as simple as sewing 1.5 inches down from the large dot given. Isn't that a beautiful back and shoulder neckline? Super quick and instant gratification sewing!