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Sew Fabric Flowers, Arm Warmers & Headbands to go with Ruanas

Christine Jonson Patterns

Sewing a Ruana, Lesson 3: Sewing Accessories


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Your Ruana makes a fabulous gift – for yourself or someone else – but there are also accessoriesyou can sew that go perfectly well with ruanas!

Arm warmers

Arm warmers with thumb loops are a perfect accessory. They keep your lower arms cozy when wearing a ruana. You can knit them or make them from thrift store sweaters, or sew them yourself. Visit our Pinterest board for great ideas and others’ tutorials on arm warmers that you can sew.


Headbands for fall or winter use are a terrific accessory to go with a ruana. There are easy felted wool and fleece ones with attached flowers, knitted or crochet headbands (with twists, cables and textured stitches) and there are stretchy sporty knit headbands. The key thing is a headband that covers the ears and keeps the wearer warm when she has on her ruana (and long arm warmers). Visit our Pinterest board for ideas:

Pins and brooches:

To keep that ruana closed, you can style it (see our style article) with a belt, or with one or both edges tossed over your shoulder. If you toss it over one or both shoulders, you can secure it with a decorative pin. It can be jewelry or fabric with a pin back. It’s a great additional accessory. When we wrap up Ruanas for gifts, we fold up the ruana carefully into a bundle, and we wrap it with ribbon (but not wrapping paper, letting the ruana’s beauty be the wrapping) and then we pin the decorative pin to the ribbon’s bow for a final accent

Wrap it up! 

A ruana is it's own wrapping! Carefully fold your ruana up into a small rectangle. Tie a length of decorative ribbon around the bundle and secure with the flower pin, brooch or bow. Then, slip the headband or arm warmers under the ribbons as accents.

More great ideas & inspirations!

Visit our Pinterest board at for more great ideas.

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