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The Travel Trio Collection of Sewing Patterns: How to Sew a Travel Wardrobe

Christine Jonson Patterns

Travel Trio Inspirations

When designing this Travel Trio sewing pattern collection, I imagine the wearer having a conversation with someone, and that someone is wondering why her clothes don't look and perform as fabulously as yours! Having your clothes speak your language is what I hope for.

The Travel Trio pattern collection inspirations were many. The idea first came to me when thinking about putting together a travel wardrobe using my then current pattern collection. As I thought about it, I realized that new designs were needed, and itseemed better to design outfits rather than single pieces. Since most outfits, in my mind, consist of three pieces, I came up with the name Travel Trio!

Once I had designed a few new pieces, I realized that there were going to be limits to what I could offer with three patterns in each envelope. I started thinking of ways to be economical with the number of pattern pieces for each garment without compromising the design, how to size them and different ways to manipulate the pieces to get the most variety from each pattern. Next was to consider fit and design, thinking only about actually traveling in these clothes. Fullness, comfort, mix and match, layering, lining, elastic, fabric recovery, etc. After designing the first 4 or 5 garments, the parameters that I had to work within were actually inspiring as opposed to limiting, as you would think.

This is a pattern to be used over and over again with a large variety of fabrics. From sweater knits, rayon/LYCRA jerseys, ITY knits, prints and solids to woven fabrics. 


There will be at least four patterns in the collection and not only do the garments in each pattern envelope work great together but the entire collection can be mixed and matched. These are just a few examples of the versatility of the Travel Trio Pattern Collection.

  • The Drape Front Jacket in Travel Trio One 1204 can have the draped front overlay (as shown on the cover illustration) or the under wrap pattern piece can be cut twice creating a flat front for the jacket. Two different looks from one pattern. 
    This jacket is beautiful in a drapey knit jersey, a sweater knit or a felted wool for the flat front version.
  • The Wrap Skirt in Travel Trio Two 331 can be made reversible and sewn either long or short for two completely different looks. Cute with leggings underneath!
  • The Hoodie 331 can be made reversible, long or short, with turn back cuffs or not.
  • The Top in Travel Trio Three has a shirred insert above the bust line that can be made using an illusion fabric, the same color as the top, or a contrasting color. There is an alternative front pattern piece for a simple plain front raglan sleeve top as well.
  • The back pattern piece of The Pocket Skirt, of Travel Trio Three, can be cut twice for a better-than-ever simple full skirt.

Recommended fabrics

  • Lightweight and mid-weight LYCRA blend knit stretch fabrics

    • Rayon knits, Cotton knits, Wool knits, other LYCRA blend knits
    • Textured weaves, jacquards, open weaves, sweater knits
  • Prints - Mix prints with solids for reversible garments or use print as accents
  • Mix and match color wardrobe
  • Consider the Travel Trio 12 design collection (4 patterns with 3 pieces in each) as a whole when choosing fabrics
  • Fabrics with drape and weight result in fluid movement
  • Good stretch and recovery. Good recovery means excellent garment stability and wear-ability 
  • Fast drying fabric. A quick wash/rinse and line dry in a few hours
  • No wrinkles - squeeze a handful of fabric and hold for 20 seconds to check for wrinkle-ability

Construction techniques

  • Ease of fit and construction
  • To the point written instructions backed up with Tips and Design Options and great construction illustrations
  • The best illustrations to show the simplestconstruction with the least chance for mistakes
  • Simple curved shapes with interesting lines
  • Seam lines:
  • Line drawings to show actual seam lines
  • Accentuate the positive
  • Flattering vertical seam lines
  • Well-placed horizontal seam lines
  • Easy side seam alterations
  • No interfacing, zippers, or collars
  • Self lining/reversible-Eliminates topstitching, stabilizes cross grain seam lines
  • Ease and Tissue Pattern Measurements included with ThePerfect Sizing Worksheet to help choose size.

Design & fit

  • Design option pattern pieces – Many different looks using the same pattern
    • Layering, self-lining and reversible options
    • Choice of simple line design or the a more detailed design
  • Sophisticated designs with personal expression
  • Stylized simplicity
  • Casual garments with luxury fabrics
  • Few pattern pieces - Achieve the “look” using as few pattern pieces as possible
  • Limited fullness for ease of movement
  • Skirt hems, pant legs, sleeve width, jacket length limited to necessary movement when traveling i.e. walking, climbing, and sittingClose fitting at shoulders, armholes, sleeves, and necklines to keep garment in place
  • Tops and jackets long enough to cover waistlines fully when sitting and bending
  • Comfort. Negative ease fit or use narrow elastic at waistlines
  • Narrow (3/8”) elastic measured for comfort - Elastic measurement equals finished garment