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Adding a ruffle peplum and hem to a simple knit tee sewing pattern

Ann Siegle

You can easily add a ruffle peplum or ruffle hem band to a simple knit tee sewing pattern. In our example here, Sharon sewed the Christine Jonson Patterns Three Tees cut-on cap sleeve version with a ruffled peplum:

Ruffle Hem Sewing Pattern Cap Sleeve Tee

1) Decide where you want your hem to fall

2) Cut two bands on the fold 1.5 to 2x the width of the tee shirt pattern, (on the fold),  X your preferred depth (6-8") So if your tee shirt measures 12" at the hem (on the fold), you would cut a band 18" - 24" wide (on the fold) e x 8" deep (or whatever depth you prefer, plus hem allowance.) You can easily do this right below your tee shirt pattern on the fold by just marking and cutting the band AS you cut out your tee shirt! 

3) Sew the tee as instructed in the pattern instructions. Do not hem the tee just yet.

3) Using a basting stitch, gather the band to match the tee. It's helpful to evenly distribute the gathers, then stitch over your basting stitch with a regular stitch

4) Matching side seams, sew or serge the gathered band to the tee

5) Press the band hem up and topstitch as if it were the tee shirt, using the tee shirt instructions