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How to use PDF Sewing Patterns

Ann Siegle

CJP---Pinterest-Using-a-Digital-Pattern- PDF Sewing Pattern.png

How to use PDF Sewing patterns. From buying a PDF sewing pattern to saving and printing it, it’s a new world of sewing. The sewing pattern industry is digital! The movement toward digital sewing patterns isn’t letting up. There are a lot of reasons why this is, but the benefits are many!

  • Instant gratification - the pattern is in your in-box in 30 seconds from your order completion

  • You can print multiple copies or sizes - this is essential when doing fitting and pattern alterations for design modifications. It’s also crucial in working with knit fabrics which can vary sizing based on what type of knit you’re sewing with, today, versus the last time you sewed the exact same pattern.

  • Easier to store - if you have not yet printed a pattern, you can store it without taking up space in your sewing room, or basement.

But we know that if you’ve not worked with digital patterns before, it might be a learning curve. Here are a few videos to help. You’ll get your sewing pattern two ways: When you complete your order, it will pop up on the screen to download to your device AND you’ll get an e-mail notification.

NOTE: You have 24 hours to download this file. You can request additional access by emailing us at if you forget to download it and need the links refreshed.

How to print a PDF Digital Download Sewing Pattern

From your computer:

From your iPhone or iPad