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Sew a Reversible hoodie jacket

Ann Siegle

Sew a reversible hoodie jacket with the Travel Trio Two sewing pattern

This hoodie is a perfect cozy layer for travel, work or cozying up at home. Double-layered reversible hoodie has a flyaway front with a single-button neck closure, no topstitching required, easy to construct with options to make it long, short or as a sleeveless vest. It’s dressy enough to wear to work with the Ruched Pencil Skirt, A-line skirt, knee-length or midi slim wrap skirt or the Perfect Pants Classic Wide leg pants as an easy ‘suit’ option.



March 4-10

Order the pattern here, get your fabric and cut your size as per the Perfect Sizing Worksheet and the pattern envelope. We recommend rayon/lycra or ITY stretch Lycra. You want a drapey fabric that is not too heavy to make this reversible hoodie. It’s very important both sides / fabrics are the same stretch/recovery and hand or feel, for best results. Print and solid pair well together, as do coordinating prints and stripes. See below for instructions on how the sew along works.

Stretch ruler: download and print one here (with instructions on how to use it.)

Calculate your size:  Download the Perfect Sizing Worksheet™ (paper PDF) or


March 4, 2018:

We cover how the sew along works, how to select the size for your hoodie, how to pair up the best fabrics for the best results for your reversible hoodie jacket.

March 11-18

Sew the Hoodie bodies – you’ll sew the hoodie's body - front, back, sleeves and hood for each 'side' of the hoodie.

In this video, we show you how to sew the body of the hoodie together. We'll have already sewn one side of the hoodie, so if you are following along, go ahead and watch, then sew your two hoodie 'sides' together. 

We’ll sew it together right on video! There are zero hem finishes to this hoodie, and we’ll tackle the easy side seam pull-through method.

Here's the entire hoodie sew along - you can actually sew your hoodie along with us, in this 52-minute video. Gather up your cut-out hoodies and sew with us!

After our hoodie sew along video, here's the finished hoodie!:


March 19-26

Style and modify your hoodie:

We’ll show you how to style the standard hoodie, how to modify it for a long hoodie or a reversible hoodie vest or long hoodie vest. Make one right out of the envelope and then make more, modifying the hoodie to suit climate and lifestyle.


How it works: 

Join the Christine Jonson Patterns Facebook Group

Join the event in the pinned post to participate and see group posts

Sew your hoodie at home on your schedule, following along with videos that will be added to this blog post or LIVE on our Facebook page.

Post on the group with questions or progress photos

Post your finished photos when done!


Travel Trio Two 331
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