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Sewing a Ruffled Tuxedo Tee

Christine Jonson Patterns

Tuxedo Tee

Alteration to #1025 BaseWear Two: Top w/options.

By Auria Nascimento


We created this look using pattern #1025 BaseWear Two (Top with options). 


The ruffle strips were cut lengthwise along the grain of the fabric (1 ½ X 25) using a rotary cutter to assure a clean cut edge. 

Next, fold the strips in half lengthwise and press.

Use the crease as a guide when creating the double row of basting stitches on either side of this crease.

Click on each image below to zoom in and enlarge it for detail:

Determine and mark the placement of the ruffles.  Use a measuring gauge and a washable fabric marker.

Gather each strip down to 12 inches.

Around the neckline, make sure the place the strips a little beyond the raw edge. You want to be sure that the edge of the ruffle will be completely enclosed in the band to be added later. 

The angle created at the bottom of the ruffles is exaggerated by placing the strip further past the neck line and trimming away the excess.  Double check the ruffles for symmetry on both sides before sewing into place. 

As you can see in the picture to the left, we did some last minute editing and decided to eliminate two rows of the ruffles on either side and space the rows a little further apart for the final garment. 

Pin the ruffles into place and sew.


Measure the neckline and armhole. Add seam allowance to the measurement then subtract 1 ½ inches. 

Example: If your measurement is 16”, 16” + 5/8” + 5/8” – 1 ½” will equal the length of the strip. 

The width of the strip for the band is 2 inches along the grain on the fabric.

Sew band together, fold and press in half and edge serge the raw edge at the bottom.

Stretch the bands to fit the neckline and armholes and use single needle sewing machine to stitch into place. 

Trim seams and press towards the body of the garment and topstitch.