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The Upscale Hoodie

Christine Jonson Patterns

You know you love it, your favorite hoodie sweatshirt. You love it so much, you'd love to wear it 7 days a week! Why not? All you need is an upscale hoodie. The Travel Trio Two's reversible hoodie jacket is just that. This elegant, flyaway cardigan hoodie can go from the weekend to work, and give you double the wearing, depending on your fabric choices.

Travel Trio Two's upscale hoodie pattern comes paired with a great funnelneck top with 3/4 sleeves and a long or knee-length wrap skirt - the combo is perfect for work. Here, we're showing the hoodie with jeans and boots for a great weekend casual look, or with your favorite leggings and running shoes for workout wear.

So, just how DO you wear a hoodie to work? Fabric choice is key. A low key print paired with black is a classic look - wear the black side out, and let the low-key print peek out at the collar and hood. Wear the hoodie with the knee length wrap skirt and heels or tall boots for a chic, but comfortable look. You can also layer the hoodie over a sleek short sleeved tee, and under a blazer. Layering a hoodie under a blazer is perfect for a meeting in the boardroom, the hood can hide under your jacket; pop it out and over the top of your blazer for after-work drinks with friends.

The hoodie is becoming more of an acceptable casual workplace garment - if you're in a creative field like marketing or retail, you can definitely get away with wearing a hoodie at work. If you're in a conservative field like banking, you'll need to tuck that hood in under your blazer til after work. And if you're in technology, your hoodie may be a required work uniform (the soccer sandals are optional.)  If you're a tech manager, wearing an upscale hoodie does put you more in connection with your younger sweatshirt-hoodie-wearing staff without completely succumbing to a too-casual look.