Sewing infinity scarves from knit fabrics

Easy to sew infinity scarves ~ great for gifts, too!



The lightweight fabrics found in the 2012 Celestial Fabric Collection make great infinity scarves.  Typical fabric widths for knits are 54”, 58” or 60” and these will all work. You will need 1 ½ yards.

First, take the yardage and fold it in half along the crosswise grain. The selvages will be on either side. Press and use crease as guide for cutting the fabric in half. 

Next, fold one of the halves in half lengthwise, press and cut.

Lastly, serge the pieces together along the lengthwise edges (one full length and one half length), creating a large loop.

Loop around neck twice.

If you purchase an extra ¾ yard you will be able to make 2 scarves or with the extra piece you have left, add sleeve cuffs and a neckband to another project.

The Tunic pattern modifications are from Travel Trio Three #226 with design modifications, you can find the instructions to do this yourself here.