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Sewing an Infinity Twist Scarf from Knit Fabrics

Christine Jonson Patterns

Inspired by Christine’s infinity scarf tutorial here, I decided to make my own ‘spin’ on the idea. Using the Mmmmm Crush in browns I bought from the Christine Jonson collection this spring , I cut a 1 yard x selvedge-to-selvedge cut. So 36x60 is your flat size. I folded the scarf in half lengthwise, right sides together and serged from about 2” in on the lengthwise seam (this unsewn part will eventually be the hole you’ll turn the scarf out of) to the end.


Turning this right side out, I had a tube, with selvedge open ends. One side of your tube has a seam, the other does not. Laying the tube flat, make a small snip in the fold of the side that does not have the seam.

I pulled one end of the tube inside itself, right sides together, til the selvedges met up. (This is similar to how you slide one pant leg right side out inside the other pant leg and sew the crotch seam)

Make the twist: Taking a ½ turn, match up the notch you cut with the seam of the second half of the tube. You'll have a seam on both sides now, having twisted the end.

Still right sides together, serge the selvedges tube seam together. You will have an open spot on one end that you left when you serged the long side. This is OK, that’s what you’ll pull the scarf through when done sewing. Unfold the scarf, and you’ll now see that there’s a big twist in one side (you can adjust the positioning of the twist just by moving the scarf around). Slip stitch the opening closed. Loop twice around your neck and enjoy!

It took longer to write these instructions and take the photo than it did to make the scarf (about ten minutes to cut and sew the scarf.)

Make it two-toned:

To make a two-toned scarf out of two different knit fabrics, you'll cut two rectangles of 18" x 60" and sew them along both sides to create the long tube, first. Then, continue with the instructions above from the tube onward. This is a superb way to use up that last 1/4 of a yard of fabric you have left over. 60" is roughly the width of most typical knit fabrics (or 58") so you can cut two pieces from two different knits, use up some extra fabric and have wonderful new scarves to match your outfits.

Styling the twisted infinity scarf:

A summer wearing idea is over a knit maxi dress (see our facebook posts last week and our Pinterest inspiration board for maxi dresses) -- un loop the scarf and drape over your shoulders, adjusting the twist part in front. If it hangs too low for you, simply fold and pin with a pretty jeweled pin) I find a knit maxi dress is a luxurious-feeling casual summer outfit, that I wear all day on the weekends -- over my swimsuit, by itself, and into the evening, this wrap serves nicely as a lightweight wrap for cool evenings.