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Adding pockets with a dart in sewing patterns without sideseams

Christine Jonson Patterns

If you've got a sewing pattern with no side seam - say, on a skirt or pull-on pant, you might want to add pockets. The best quality of a no side seam pant is the flatness of fabric at the hip. There is no surer way to add weight to your hips than to have an inseam pocket bulging out adding unwanted inches. 

I have a great pocket that you can add anywhere you can put a dart. This flat pocket “facing” 
technique can also be used to add a pocket to an existing side seam.

Choosing the proper location for your pocket is a visual thing. You would think that a measurement halfway between the center front and center back seam would be the proper place for a pocket—but you would be wrong. Depending on your hips and body 
there is usually more of you in the back than the front. And, as you reach for a side seam pocket it is more comfortable when it is placed toward the front than exactly at a side seam.

When determining pocket placement of any kind I always just reach to where I would like the pocket to be and that is where I put it. For your first pair, begin with the issue pattern to determine the pocket placement.

Download our no-side-seam darted pocket instructions