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Adding a collar and cuffs to a wrap dress pattern

Christine Jonson Patterns

Since Diane Von Furstenberg designed it in the 1970s, nothing else has quite stood the test of women's wardrobe builders like the wrap dress. To build on its versatility I’ve added a simple collar and sleeve band that you can add to your basic wrap dress pattern. I have found that the print fabrics look best just below the knee length and solid fabrics look great long or short. To determine fabric requirements measure twice your skirt length, twice your bodice length and 
once your sleeve length. 

To add the collar and sleeve band is easy. Just follow these simple steps: 
Collar: Fold fabric lengthwise right sides together and stitch the ends. Turn right side out and press ends. Baste raw edges together. Mark center back on collar and dress. Matching center backs baste collar to neckline. Sew lining to dress sandwiching collar in-between. That’s it! Looks great! If you would like your collar wider/narrower or longer/shorter 
simply alter the pattern. The pattern measurements given are proportionate to the size small. 

Sleeve band: Shorten sleeve by cutting on lengthen/shorten sleeve line. Fold band right sides together and stitch short end. 
Fold wrong sides together and baste long raw edge together. Now you have your cuff! Stitch underarm sleeve seam. 
Matching underarm seam and band seam stitch band to sleeve using the freearm on your sewing machine stretching band slightly if necessary. To achieve a custom fit on your sleeves determine your sleeve length and measure the pattern across the new cutting line. 

Download the collar and sleeve band tutorial & pattern