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Sew Your Own Wrap Dress

Christine Jonson Patterns

Is there any dress more iconic in modern times than the wrap dress? Since the 1970s, almost every designer has come up with their version of the Diane Von Furstenberg classic. Why? It looks great on everyone! 

For summer, try a sleeveless wrap dress with sandals and a great bag. That's it! One step, out the door in a jiffy and you're prepared for the heat too. Wrap dresses can be sewn in many variations:

  • They look fabulous in prints - try a black and white polka dot and sew the ties in a contrast color, such as red or yellow for a pop of color at the waist
  • Try a colorblocked version with a printed top and a solid skirt
  • Sew two different solid colors (bodice and skirt) with a contrast tie band
  • Use a directional knit, such as stripes, and cut the bodice on the crossgrain for contrast
  • Use a printed knit that has a border and place the border at the hem

For spring/fall/winter, a long-sleeved wrap dress is perfect under a blazer or cardigan - the longer the skirt, the shorter the jacket or cardigan for optimum proportions.

  • Pair the wrap dress with a short, waist-length version of the Princess Seam Jacket
  • For a very tailored work look, button the jacket over the dress, and make both from the same color or color family (such as charcoal gray boucle over charcoal gray knit)
  • Try the double collar princess jacket in a faux leather or suede over a print wrap dress for a chic, modern look

Wrap dress photo inspirations in our gallery.

The Christine Jonson Wrap Dress is a customer favorite because of it's unique construction. The bodice of the wrap dress is double layered and sewn on your serger (or zig zag sewing machine) and thus there are no tricky hems on the wrap dress neckline.

Necklines are always challenging - knits want to pucker and wave, and bands never lie flat. This dress's double layered bodice, sewn right sides together and turned also offers a clean finish for the armholes in the sleeveless version as well, so you don't have to finish the sleeveless version either! Plus, double layer on the bodice provides more coverage. If made in a soft rayon/lycra knit or a printed jersey knit, it is not hot to wear these layers, even in the humidity!

The wrap ties on the Wrap Dress are unique too - they are super long tubes -  it's a lot of fun, and especially fun if you grab a partner, (or child or spouse) to pull them out with you. The thin ties wrap around you two or three times, and are less fussy than wrapped ties that only go around and tie at the sideseam, such as on many other wrap dresses. The dress's underskirt has a full sideseam to sideseam wrap, ensuring that on all but the windiest of days, your skirt stays closed.

Wrap Dress Sew Along: a Video Sew Along that you can do any time!

Sew Along Video #1

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Sew Along Video #2

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Sew Along Video #3

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