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Raising the neckline on a wrap front top

Christine Jonson Patterns

Raising the neckline on a wrap front top or dress is an easy alteration that lets you customize how much you want to cover or show at the neckline. The wrap top alteration works on all wrap front tops, including the Wrap Dress, the Princess Wrap Top, the Reversible Wrap Top and the Ruffle Top. It's an easy beginner pattern adjustment, so don't fear making a change to your pattern, it's easy!

Wrap necklines can sometimes be too revealing. Here is an easy way to bring modesty to any wrap top - useful for all neckline alterations.

Alteration example using CJ Pattern #1219
Determine how much higher you want the crossover at the bust line. For example, let's say one inch. Whatever you want to add to the front you need to add to the back shoulder line and the curve of the neckline. Tape your back pattern piece on paper at the neckline and extend the shoulder line one inch toward the neck. Measure and mark one inch dots around the neckline and connect the dots for your new cutting line.
For the front pattern piece extend the shoulder line one inch, then measure one inch out from the front neckline down across the bust line to the end of the seam. If you don't want to raise the seam all the way to the end, taper off as you wish.

Alteration example using CJ Pattern #419
Don't worry if the back neckline seam is very small. By the time the 5/8" seam allowance is trimmed and turned as the fabric stretches around your neck, it will be perfect! No stay tape is needed on the back neckline.
This method of bringing a neckline closer to your neck can be used for jewel necks, v-necks, and any other neckline shape. Just remember the first step is to redraw the shoulder line closer in toward your neck.