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Sewing a versatile wrap top with dolman sleeves

Ann Siegle

The classic dolman-sleeve Wrap Top sewing pattern is super easy to sew and use as the basis for a lot of fun pattern hacks!


The Wrap Top has dolman sleeves, a cropped length and distinctive mock peplum hem shaping. This top looks fabulous over high waist jeans, the high waist Perfect Pant collection (flare, classic wide or skinny leg). Layer this top over a fitted tee such as the Base Wear One tee for a warm winter look. It makes a great wrap top to wear over a dress or tunic, or with leggings-with-a-skirt from Perfect Pant Skinny pattern for a chic après yoga look.

  • Wear the wrap top over a graphic tee and a pencil skirt with your favorite booties or trendy sneakers for a youthful, comfortable look

  • Try the Wrap Top by itself with high waist jeans, and a cozy cropped-sleeve sweater knit version of the Inset Jacket. The wrap top’s long slim lower sleeves keep you cozy, and the V-neckline is flattering. The pointed hem looks great over high waist jeans. 

  • Wear the wrap top, sewn in a sweater knit over any knit dress, including the Three Tees dress, the Princess Dress or the Take Along dress. Try a sheer sweater knit to show off your dress or tee underneath.

  • Sew a reversible Wrap Top by sewing two wrap tops together, and inserting two skinny ties (one on the inside, one on the reverse side). The reversible top, sewn in two similar stretch and fabric content but different color fabrics gives you not only versatility but warmth and no neckline hemming. 

The Wrap Top also lends itself to a few easy pattern hacks that allow you to create a new look:


Wrap Top Jumpsuit:

You’ll need two patterns, the Wrap Top and the Taper/Wide Leg pant for this super easy jogger jumpsuit.  Before sewing the bottom hem, and top waistband of the pants, match them up using our bandeau jumpsuit tutorial here.

Measure banded cuffs by loosely holding a tape measure around your ankle. Add 1/2 SA and cut a rectangle 6” x the length of your measured ankle plus 1/2”. Stitch the short sides together. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise to create a tube. Serge the raw edges. Place the cuff right sides together with the pant legs, alleging the inner leg seam with the banded cuff seam and matching raw (or edge serged) edges together. Stretch the cuff to fit the opening of the leg and edge serge the cuff to the pants.

Or use the Wide Leg Pant and straighten the leg from knee to hem, or leave slightly tapered and cropped for a modern look.

You can make a ‘faux jumpsuit’ look by making the wrap top and the Taper Pant with ankle bands in the same fabric for a jumpsuit look without the jumpsuit dressing challenges. 

Wrap Top Sewing Pattern Wide Leg Jumpsuit Skinny Jogger Jumpsuit


Wrap Top Curved Hem “poncho” sweater

Create a sweater knit version of the Wrap Top with dolman sleeves, a wide curved hem and sew it in a sweater knit.  

  1. Measure your body from your underarm to mid hip and from front of neck to crotch.

  2. Trace the Wrap Top 212 front and back pattern pieces onto paper. Mark a point 1/2 way between your elbow and your underarm on the sewing pattern.

  3. Draw a line down from this point to a length that hits you at mid-hip

  4. Draw another mark on the traced pattern from shoulder to center front hem at your crotch, along the diagonal, this becomes your curved lower front hem

  5. Using a French curve, draw a smooth curved hem from the new side seam to the next sideseam

  6. Sew the Wrap Top according to the directions, but omit side tides and simply stitch the panels at the side seams, creating an overlapping wrapped curved front. Tack at the spot where the V panels overlap

  7. You can alter this even further by creating a round neck and single front and adding the hood from Travel Trio Two for a hooded poncho sweater


Wrap top poncho sweater with sleeves sewing pattern
Wrap Top 212
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